Cardiothoracic surgeon salary

Cardiothoracic surgeon salary

Cardiothoracic surgeon salary - There are several factors that affect the cardiac surgeon salary. If you want a big salary, you might be interested to work as a cardiac surgeon, as the highest heart surgeon salary who had reportedly amounted to $ 852.717 per year (Physicians Salary Survey). The real number is different, and there are many factors that will determine the amount of cardiac surgeon salary. These factors include: experience, state of employment, city of employment, hospital or non hospital, specialty, education and gender.

Cardiac Surgeon Salary Based On State Of Employment

State of employment makes cardiac surgeon salary may vary due to differences in the number of cases handled by a surgeon and the amount of income per capita of population in that state. The largest  cardiac surgeon salary is in Illinois and Pennsylvania, namely $ 490,000 and $ 450,000 annually.

Cardiac Surgeon Salary Based On City Of Employment

The same reason may also affect the differences of cardiac surgeon salary in some city. San Francisco largest recorded, namely $ 540,000, while in Houston varies between $ 60,000 to $ 400,000.
Education Degree Factors

Cardiac surgeon with a PhD. degree is to be well paid on average $ 400,000, far larger than they are graduates of doctor of medicine (MD), which only amounted to $ 290,000.
Hospital vs Non-Hospital

There is a difference cardiac surgeon salary between those who work in hospitals to that in other places. A higher fee  is obtained if they are working on a non-profit agency, with the salary per year on average $ 500,000. It will different if their career in a hospital with an average cardiothoracic surgeon salary ranges from $ 240,000.

You might wonder if gender affects the cardiac surgeon salary, but that’s a fact. Female cardiac Surgeon is paid $ 101.736 per year while male surgeon earn an average of $ 301.433.
Specialty And Years Of Experience

General cardiac Surgeon get a lower payment than a specialized cardiac surgeon. Experience is the factor most affecting  factor of  cardiac surgeon salary, it is associated with a higher success rate in those with more experience surgeon. Cardiac surgeon salary with experience of 0-4 years paid $ 100.500 until $ 342,000, the experience of 5-10 years pay $ 183,000 to 397.000, the experience of 10-20 years with the highest paid of $ 475,000, and a  senior cardiac surgeon salary with experience of more than 20 years is approximately $ 486,000.


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